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This half term our topic is 'Healthy Humans'

We will be exploring how to keep our bodies healthy by finding out what we should be eating. 

This topic will flow through Science, Art and Design and Design technology. 





In religious education this half term we are looking at Christianity, specifically God. It's wonderful to learn about other people's beliefs and it's great to share ours too. 

We will be reading the nativity story and finding out about Jesus' impact on people. 


In English this half term we will be covering - Fables, Shape Poems and Persuasion letters. 


In maths we will be covering multiplication, division, time and 3D shape. 


We will also continuing with our French, with this half term focusing on 'all about me'. 


Keep looking back for pictures and updates. 



Have a look at some pictures of our food tasting session, it was hilarious when we tried lemons!

Our fruit and vegetable sculptures

Our trip to Preston Gujarat Hindu Centre

Our Geography learning walk around the local area

We have all settled in!

We have all settled in! 1