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Nighthawks - Year 5

Welcome to Nighthawks!




Welcome to the Nighthawks class page!


We are known as the Nighthawks, but we're actually Year 5!


Please keep an eye on this page, so you can see what we have been up to.

Designing our Roman Mosaics!

Designing our Roman Mosaics! 1
Designing our Roman Mosaics! 2
Designing our Roman Mosaics! 3
Designing our Roman Mosaics! 4

This week we have been designing our own Roman Mosaics. The children have been working hard and have even decided to create a Mosaic plan of the Langdale logo!


We're hoping to create a proper tiled Mosaic at some point after half-term.

Blackpool Zoo trip - 14th March 2017

 We have been very lucky to attend an educational visit to Blackpool Zoo.


The children were able to take part in the 'Loop of life' educational session and even had the opportunity to touch some live reptiles!

We will hopefully be continuing our zoo visits throughout the school year.

Building a Geodesic dome

The children have had a fantastic time learning about our new topic 'Building a Village'. 


We have been looking at structural design. The class were tasked with building a Geodesic dome out of paper (which is no mean feat!) and successfully managed to construct one which was big enough to house a few of the pupils!

Year 4 (2016) - Learning about the Greek phalanx method of battle

During Year 4, we studied the Ancient Greeks.


We even designed and created our own shields and tested them in the heat of battle!

Year 4 ( 2016) - Circuits