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Parent views 2017


  • This is such a lovely school, we are so happy here. The atmosphere is lovely, warm and friendly and the children really do love learning. Thank you so much everyone!
  • Langdale is a brilliant school- my daughter is thriving-thank you!
  • We really like how all the pupils know all the staff and are made to feel welcome throughout the school- my daughter loves popping into her old teacher’s classroom to say good morning.
  • I would very much recommend Langdale to anyone-it is an excellent school.
  • Wow!!Such a great school!
  • A *!
  • I am really happy with the school and more importantly my daughter is really happy at school.
  • The staff are amazing! We love the school, she is so happy.
  • Mrs. Stallard is amazing! She is always there in all weathers. Calm and helpful.
  • Staff are kind, caring and flexible, they go above and beyond. Langdale staff are excellent.
  • Staff are approachable and helpful.
  • Mrs. Stallard is a wonderful head teacher. She always puts the children first and nothing is too much trouble. She runs a terrific school with a terrific staff.
  • We love all the extra activities the school offers such as trips to the zoo, the library and sporting opportunities.
  • Since September my 5 year old has gone from having no interest at all in books or reading to now being an avid and confident reader. He actually spent his Christmas money on books. I cannot thank his teacher and all the Langdale staff enough!
  • Langdale is amazing!
  • Assemblies are great! I love seeing what she is doing in school.
  • Love visits out of school. More please. We love the little treats like ice creams on the beach and toast at the café.
  • Beach school is fantastic and such a great idea.
  • The new website is great.
  • Thank you for the minibus it is a Godsend.
  • If find the text service very helpful.


Suggestions to make Langdale even better:

  • Have a school garden or allotment
  • New toilets for the infant children
  • School blazer for older children
  • Can we have a lollipop lady?
  • Can parents not congregate outside school, we have to walk round them to get in.
  • More notice of any after school clubs closures
  • More notice of holiday dates to book time off
  • Hot meals?