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Updated on 10.07.2017


Welcome to our class page. Here in year 3 we spend our time taking on lots of challenges and working hard with our learning. We hope you enjoy taking a look at what we have been doing and what happens in our classroom.



Firstly, we would like to introduce two of our class members that aren’t on the register, Noodle and Dojo. These are our fishy friends that we look after in the classroom. At the minute we are keeping an eye on their growth with a handmade ruler.



In our class we are trying really hard with our attendance. For each day that we are all in, we earn a marble for our marble jar. Take a look at the rewards we agreed on at the beginning of the year.

10. Extra playtime

20. Colouring time

30. 1 hour extra golden time

40. Bring a toy to school day

50. Craft afternoon

60. We all get a prize

70. Making bird feeders

80. Park trip

90. Baking

100. Class party


So far we have celebrated earning 70 marbles.


Some of our fantastic work

Not too long ago we were sent some incredible dragon eggs by a Dragonologist, he wanted to find out about the eggs and what they would hatch into. We studied the eggs for an entire week and created these incredible fact sheets.



We recently enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. We were so inspired by the incredible story that we decided to write our own versions. Our Alice in Wonderland stories featured three brand new crazy characters and three whole new surreal settings. We wrote them up in our most beautiful handwriting and created our own books for other children to read.



In numeracy we love challenges and we love learning in different ways. Recently we explored place value by getting out onto the playground.