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Who's Who

Come meet the staff at our school!


Mr McElhone - Interim Headmaster 


Mr McElhone joined Langdale after previous Headships in New York, London and Leeds. He has enjoyed travelling the world and seeing education in many different settings. Mr McElhone values effort, he doesn't mind what strengths his students have, he just wants them to try hard in everything they do! 



Mr Craddock - Assistant Head & Year 6 teacher


Mr. Craddock is our fantastic Year 6 teacher who loves Maths and playing rounders with us. Look out for Mr. Craddock in the playground with his  crazy hats and jumpers!





Miss Stevens - School Secretary and Head's PA


This iMiss Stevens. You will find Miss Stevens running up and down the school stairs making sure everything runs smoothly, helping class teachers and running breakfast club every morning. She also runs the school dance club for juniors on a Monday and has a lovely sense of humour. She loves working at Langdale and enjoys the time she gets to spend with the children. 


Mr Dunderdale - Year 5 teacher


Mr Dunderdale is our Nighthawks Class  teacher, who is known for his random facts, interesting topic lessons, and loves climbing. He is our school science co-ordinator and loves bringing new ideas to Langdale. You will usually find him teaching his class to be Greek warriors, astronauts and many other unusual characters throughout history. 






Miss Bramley - Year 3 teacher 


This is Miss Bramley, our fabulous Red Panda Class  teacher. She loves teaching all subjects and specialises in Religious Education. 





Mr Darlington - Year 2 teacher


Born and educated in Blackpool, Mr. Darlington spent a number of years in retail management before re-training as a teacher at The University of Cumbria. Mr. Darlington has worked at numerous schools along the Fylde Coast but says his motivation in wanting to join the Langdale family was the unique opportunity to promote effective learning in such small classes, giving the children more quality one on one time. His passions are Maths and P.E so if you need an equation solving or a sport explaining you know where to go.



Miss Collins - Year 3 Teacher


This is Miss Collins our Foxes' Class teacher. Miss Collins loves her class and they often make her laugh. Miss Collins' class cannot wait to get into school quickly enough and they never want to go home! She is a really big fan of the Red Arrows.




Mrs Heath - Year 1 teacher


This is Mrs Heath, one of Langdale's super teachers. Everyone in Mrs. Heaths's class loves coming to school! Mrs. Heath is always happy and smiley. She loves teaching and is really creative.





Mrs Johns - Reception teacher. 


Mrs. John's is one of Langdale's lovely Reception teachers.  She loves baking!






Mr. Ford - Science teacher.


He is really loves teaching all of the Langdale children!



Mrs Barber - Music and Drama teacher


Mrs Barber is our Music and Drama teacher. All the children love her fun and exciting lessons and her after school choir, recorder and drama clubs are very popular!





Mrs Rhodes -  Teaching Assistant


This is Mrs. Rhodes our smiley Infant teaching assistant. Mrs. Rhodes is very kind and helps all the teachers and children to have a happy day. She loves to help with learning and enjoys watching ice-skating and football.





Miss Sherratt - KS2 Teaching Assistant


Miss Sherratt is our  lovely KS2 Teaching Assistant. She supports children in small groups to help them improve in phonics, Numeracy and Literacy. She also runs breakfast and after school club each day. Miss Sherratt is often spotted playing sports on the playground during lunch time.

She has a first aid qualification, keeping the children safe and happy. She also takes part in outside school activities such as swimming and climbing.



Mr Clarkson - School caretaker


Mr Clarkson is our fabulous caretaker. He takes care of both our buildings, making sure they are lovely and clean and fixes any jobs that needs doing. He also drives our school mini bus, and is a valuable member to Langdale.