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Langdale is a happy, caring and successful school with a nurturing ethos as its cornerstone.  We value the strong partnerships built between our families, the community and fellow professionals, all working to ensure our children feel happy, secure, respected and valued in their own right.    We strive to ensure each child reaches their full potential – developing in confidence, skill and achievement.


For those of you planning your child’s future education, we hope this website gives you a taste of our wonderful school and the information you require.  You are, of course, very welcome to visit school too.

Virtual Open Morning

Welcome to our wonderful Early Years here at Langdale!

Admissions Langdale Free School are handled by Blackpool through the Common Application Form, which is available online here


Application Procedures


Reception applications must be made direct to the Local Authority no later than 15th January 2021. All places will be offered by the Local Authority’s School Admissions Team on behalf of the school, within the primary co-ordinated admissions scheme operational in the Local Authority’s area. The offer date is on or around the 12th April 2021.


You must apply to the authority where you live. If you are unsure, for example if you live near council boundaries, it is whichever Local Authority you pay your council tax to. You can apply for a primary school in any area, but you must apply to your home authority. If you live outside the Blackpool area, please contact your home authority to request an application.


A Lancashire County Council application can be requested by ringing the Pupil Access Team on 01524 581134 or writing to the Area Education Office (North), PO Box 606, White Cross Education Centre, Quarry Road, Lancaster LA1 3SQ. Online application via website. Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements In accordance with the Education (Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) Regulations 2006, Blackpool's Co-ordinated Scheme for Primary Schools allows for an inter-Blackpool coordinated approach, which is also fully co-ordinated with Lancashire County Council.




Before you complete and submit your application you are advised to read  Blackpool Council’s guide for parents at: The on-line system offers a quick and secure means of applying for places. Paper applications and information booklets are available from  or telephone 01253 476637. 





Langdale Free School Admission Policy