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During this half term the children have been focusing on Word.  We've looked at splitting a word document and a web-browser into halves so the children could copy information about volcanoes straight into a Word document without needing to switch between Word and Google Chrome.


I appreciate that Computing may be a difficult lesson to recreate at home with many people having tablets rather than the laptops we have in school, therefore below I will link any website or resources I find that might be useful for the children to have a look at.


Microsoft Word


Can you create a Word document all about volcanoes?  Could this include pictures?  Could you change the font (make it bigger or smaller? Or change the colour?)?  Can you find some interesting information about volcanoes that no one else knows?




Scratch is a coding software that we use in school.  Scratch is designed to allow the children to code and the children can create really friendly, simplistic projects right up to more complex, real-world designs all inside Scratch.


Scratch is free and can be accessed without signing up, the children have encountered Scratch on the iPads whilst in school.


Advisory - Scratch does have a function on it where people can comment on the creations that you make. This cannot be disabled and so we advise that you monitor your child's usage of this program.


Above is the link to Scratch.  Below I will continue to add helpful websites to give the children some ideas of projects they might want to have a go at.