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 “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”                ~Benjamin Franklin



2020-2021 Changes to the Curriculum 


We have reviewed and adjusted our curriculum in light of the significant impact that the pandemic has had on children's learning. We began with a Recovery Curriculum in September which was designed to sensitively and efficiently promote the mental well-being and emotional resilience of our pupils, and to reignite a sense of collaborative learning. We began the term using the CPLE two-week unit around the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. It covers the following issues across 10 sessions:


•   Earth’s place in the wider universe

•   The Earth’s environment

•   Our place on the planet as humans

•   How we, as humans, relate to each other

•   Other species and our responsibility towards them

•   Belonging and community

•   Our responsibility as world citizens


Our aim was to ensure that pupils are re-immersed into our school community again, so that they can continue to embrace and enjoy their learning experiences in a stable and familiar environment. We intend to raise aspirations by introducing a set of core school values: Aspiration, Respect, Achievement, Resilience, Kindness and Community, and by ensuring that our pupils have a secure sense of self. Our curriculum is continually evolving and aims to maximise pupils exposure to a progression of skills and knowledge and links to the wider world – hence the importance placed upon ‘cultural capital’. We will motivate and inspire our pupils through our innovative and creative curriculum with the belief that learning can act as a catalyst for further learning. Our aim is for pupils to continually build upon their individual starting points while making the necessary connections in content that will piece their learning together to 

grow as learners and experience success. We are excited to share with our children the transformative nature of education and the endless possibilities that exist within it and through it.