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Time plan a fable of our own.  Click on the Power Point and read it carefully.  Start to write a plan for your own fable.  Think about the characters and what the lesson or moral will be at the end.

Click on this document to open your task.

Click on the link below to access an amazing collection of FABLES.  These stories were written many years ago by someone called Aesop.  You can find out about him online if you want to know more.  


Choose some of the fables from the list and read them. 

How many have you heard before? 

Which is your favourite?

Did they teach you anything?

Watch this clip about bull sharks and then see if you can write your own mini report about them.

Diving with Dangerous Bull Sharks | Deadly 60 | BBC Earth

Steve dives into the crystal clear waters off the coast of Mexico for a close encounter with the deadly bull shark. Shark Week Special! Subscribe: http://bit...

Click on the links to open the documents.

Open the sneaglegator document below and read the passage.  Can you draw a picture of a sneaglegator by using the description to help you?