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Family Walk

This picture was taken on Indi's very first walk with her big brother Copper who is a cockapoo.  They had a lovely walk along Fleetwood promenade, enjoying the exciting smells and meeting lots of other dogs.  It's funny to remember how tiny she was next to Copper when she was first allowed out on her lead.  It's safe to safe she was ready for a nap after all the excitement! heart

Summer Dog Show Winner!

On Sunday 24th August 2019, I took Indi to Stanley Park for the RSPCA Dog Event, where there were stalls, agility classes to try and lots of other dogs for her to meet.  As a bit of fun, I decided to enter Indi into the 'Cutest Puppy' category for the fun dog show.  Out of around 15 gorgeous puppies, Indi was selected as the winner!  She was awarded her red rosette and a bag of goodies including biscuits and toys.

Indi Passes!

On Thursday 5th March 2020, Indi completed a 10 week training course and was awarded the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizenship Award!  She worked extremely hard throughout her assessment and was awarded a certificate and rosette.  I am very proud of her progress smiley 

Happy Easter!

Indi wishes you all a very Happy Easter and hopes that you like Easter eggs as much as she does!  As Indi obviously couldn't share an Easter egg, she had a special dog treat which was a bone biscuit covered in a thick layer of doggy chocolate.  It's safe to say that she thoroughly enjoyed munching it! 

How long does it take a puppy Border Terrier to destroy a new football?

As we are now in Week 5 of Lock down, I thought I would share some of the activities that Indi has been up to.  Indi spends a lot of her day playing with her toys, especially fetch with her variety of coloured squeeky balls.  However, I soon realised that Indi is a football chomper, as the brand new football she is pictured with was destroyed in less then 10 minutes!  So much for that idea!  Indi also enjoys bird watching, especially when a large wood pigeon lands on the fence or tries to land in the garden.  How many different species of birds can you spot in your garden or while on your daily walk?  Finally, when she is having some quiet time, she lies with me while I read or do some mindful colouring.   What activities have you been up to?  Let Indi know by messaging me on Class Dojo!

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Indi has been loving the hot weather and being able to spend so much time out exploring the garden.  She particularly likes to sniff around the small pond looking for frogs and snuffle about under my kayaks, where a little hedgehog used to come through a tiny gap in the fence.  Indi can often be found lying in the sunshine near the back door each morning, however one day she got too hot and decided to lay on the soil in the shade of these pretty flowers .  Make sure you stay safe too in the hot weather by wearing sun cream, a hat, sunglasses and drink plenty of water to keep cool!

Victory in Europe Day!

On Friday 8th May, it was the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.  Unfortunately due to lock down people couldn't celebrate and throw parties in ways which were originally planned to celebrate the event.  However, my lovely mum decided to create some dessert boxes for 15 of our neighbours to try and brighten up everyone's day.  It was safe to say that they were a success (social distancing was maintained at all times) and Indi was keeping a very close eye on me filling each of the boxes.   She definitely managed to hoover up a few cake crumbs!

Are you my Prince Charming?

A couple of nights ago, Indi was outside at night in the garden, when she came across a large garden frog!  She definitely gave the poor thing a few kisses, but unfortunately he didn't turn into a prince kisskiss  Better luck next time Indi!  She doesn't really know what to make of frogs yet, so as long as they stay still and don't mind the odd kiss and nose bump, it looks like she will have some slimy, bouncy garden friends yes.