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Family Walk

Family Walk 1
This picture was taken on Indi's very first walk with her big brother Copper who is a cockapoo.  They had a lovely walk along Fleetwood promenade, enjoying the exciting smells and meeting lots of other dogs.  It's funny to remember how tiny she was next to Copper when she was first allowed out on her lead.  It's safe to safe she was ready for a nap after all the excitement! heart
Picture 1

Summer Dog Show Winner!

Summer Dog Show Winner! 1
On Sunday 24th August 2019, I took Indi to Stanley Park for the RSPCA Dog Event, where there were stalls, agility classes to try and lots of other dogs for her to meet.  As a bit of fun, I decided to enter Indi into the 'Cutest Puppy' category for the fun dog show.  Out of around 15 gorgeous puppies, Indi was selected as the winner!  She was awarded her red rosette and a bag of goodies including biscuits and toys.

Indi Passes!

Indi Passes! 1
On Thursday 5th March 2020, Indi completed a 10 week training course and was awarded the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizenship Award!  She worked extremely hard throughout her assessment and was awarded a certificate and rosette.  I am very proud of her progress smiley