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At Langdale Free School we believe that all children will be able to master mathematical concepts deeply. We feel it is important for all children to have a love of and lasting confidence in mathematics so that it can go on to support them in later life.


Mathematics teaching at Langdale aims to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving in order to develop confidence. Our curriculum continues to make sure that all children have a secure, solid foundation of  maths skills and that their understanding is transferable so that they are equipped for secondary school and life. Maths throughout the school follows the spiral curriculum to ensure there is a clear progression of skills within the children’s learning.


How we teach Maths

Maths lessons at Langdale will follow the ‘mastery approach’ allowing children an opportunity to investigate concepts through different mediums, concrete (a physical object), pictorial and abstract (using mathematical equations). Every lesson will always include fluency questions to allow children to practise their basic understanding and skills within the learning. Throughout these lessons they will be constantly discussing what they are learning with their partners allowing them to explore and reason the concept, with peers, through their own choice of vocabulary. Lessons will also include reasoning questions to allow children the opportunity to explain their understanding of a maths objective to help deepen their understanding and knowledge.  The children will then be given the chance to answer problem solving questions allowing them to explore a variety of different answers whilst being able to relate it back to a real life example. To challenge the children even further, there is also a Greater Depth Challenge available which is used to deepen their learning whilst often linking to other areas of the curriculum.



At Langdale we use the White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning. These schemes provide teachers with exemplification for maths objectives and are broken down into fluency, reasoning and problem solving, key aims of the National Curriculum. They support a mastery approach to teaching and learning and have number at their heart. They ensure teachers stay in the required key stage and support the ideal of depth before breadth. They support pupils working together as a whole group and provide plenty of time to build reasoning and problem solving elements into the curriculum.


Our Maths Framework has a problem based approach to learning where children are challenged appropriately, being introduced to new concepts using the CPA approach.

  • Concrete
  • Pictorial
  • Abstract

Children are given the opportunity to apply their understanding to varied, real life contexts, developing fluency and a deeper understanding gained through open questioning and exploration, where reasoning is planned for.




The school uses the programme Times Tables Rock Stars in order to encourage times tables at our school and the children have  competitions for who is earning the most points.     


White Rose Year Group Overview