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Medical Matters

First Aid and Medication

Should children need first aid to be administered, staff act in ‘loco parentis’ (as caring parents) and follow school procedures. If there is concern about an injury the child is referred to our qualified First Aiders who in consultation with the Principal, decide the action that needs to be taken.


All first aid applied is recorded. Parents are informed via a first aid slip that is sent home or in more serious cases, a bumped head or stomach upset, parents are contacted immediately. It is therefore essential that we have two contact telephone numbers for parents during the school day. Hopefully, these will never be needed for your child.


We aim to treat children who become ill or who have health problems with care and sympathy. If your child is taken ill at school we will try to contact you and arrange for them to be taken home. 


In the case of emergencies or more serious injury, we shall try to contact you but no time will be wasted before calling an ambulance or a doctor and it may well be that we can only contact you afterwards.


Non-prescribed Medicines

In most circumstances the administration of medicines is the responsibility of parents.

Where clinically possible, medicines should be prescribed in dose frequencies which enable them to be taken outside school hours.

Schools are advised not to keep medicines in the setting for general use. 


Medication will only be accepted in school if:

(a) It has been prescribed by a doctor; or

(b) It is non-prescriptive medication accompanied by written consent from the child’s parent/guardian. 

Medication of any sort will not be accepted in school without complete written and signed instructions from the parent/guardian

Children should be discouraged from bringing cough sweets/lozenges into school.


Parents must ensure that medicines, particularly inhalers and eczema creams held in school have not passed their expiry date.

Requests for the administration of prescribed medicine need to be made to the School Office and a parental consent form /asthma card completed.


All medication must be clearly labelled with the owner’s name, dosage and details of when/ how often it should be administered.


All children with long term health problems which require intervention by school staff will have a care plan completed by their parent/carer.


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