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Parking Outside School

Please think of others before you park.


The increasing number of cars outside school at the beginning and end of the day is a common issue for many schools up and down the country.  We encourage children to walk to school wherever possible.  We politely request that parents and visitors to our school park in surrounding roads with thought and consideration for our children, other adults and the local community.  Please obey the restrictions in place and do not park in an obtrusive manner.


  • Do not park, or wait on the yellow ‘Keep Clear’ or zig zag markings, these are there to keep children safe.
  • Do not park blocking driveways or alleyways, this is classed as an unnecessary obstruction.
  • Do not park blocking dropped kerbs.  These are in place to allow access to wheelchairs and prams.


We feel strongly about the safety of our children, parents, staff and the local community and ask that when parking you do so considerately.


Thank you to everyone who already parks in a safe and considerate fashion.  Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.