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Plant Project

Let the potting begin!

The first step of creating our mini garden, was to undo each of the plant kits, pushing out their labels, removing the seed sheets and block of soil.  Next I used 5 small glass dishes with 50ml of water in each to expand each of the cubes of soil.  This happened very quickly, taking approximately 30 seconds for each soil block to expand.
The next step was to mix the expanded soil using a teaspoon to make sure it had all been saturated with water and then fill up each pot with enough soil until there was only 1cm of space left.  I used the teaspoon to do this and to help compact the soil.
The third step was to place the square seed sheet on top of the soil in each pot, gently pressing each one in place.
Finally, I placed the remaining soil on top of each of the seed sheets, covering them completely, and placed their labels in the top so that we know what each specific plant is while it grows.  All of the pots were then placed in a cereal box, with foil lining the bottom to prevent any water damage, and placed on a windowsill which gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.  Now we just have to wait and see what happens to our seeds...smiley

Plant Growth After 2 Weeks

As you can see, our little garden has started to flourish with daily watering and a beautiful week of sunshine we had over the half term holidays!  The first plants to appear were the radishes, which are the larger plants at the top left, quickly followed by the micro cress in the bottom left.  A couple of days later the forget-me-not pots started to sprout followed by the carrots, parsley and finally the chilli peppers.  We are now just waiting for the peppers to appear, but I don't think they will take too much longer...  Most of the seeds in our pots have germinated, grown roots, stems and leaves in the space of two weeks from planting them! smileyyes.  Lets see how much they grow over the next week...