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Every week there will be a new question for you to sit down with an adult to discuss.  If you want to write your ideas in your home book, great!  If you'd rather sit and discuss without writing anything, this is also fine.


Week 1


There are lots of different types of relationships, friendship is just one relationship.


All relationships are different and this week I would like you to discuss the questions below -


How many different types of relationships can you think of?

How are they different to each other?

Why are they different to each other?

Week 2


Last week you spoke about types of relationships.  There's lots of them, and each are different but so important.


This week I'd like you to discuss with an adult about the relationship of friendship.


Can you answer these questions?


What is friendship?

What makes a good friendship?

What makes a bad friendship?

Can we always be friends with everyone?


If you want to create a poster all about friendship and ask an adult to send to me via ClassDojos, then I'd love to see your work.