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Let's revise our Sound unit.  
Read about how we hear sound and complete the worksheet below (click on the pdf file).  Watch the video clips for explanations about the way sound is made.

What is sound? | Physics - House of Sound

In their House of Sound, Fran Scott and Greg Foot investigate how sound is made and how we hear it. They explore the science of sound waves through a series ...

If you want to spend some time on science, here's a little set of investigations you can have a go at.  All you'll need is a straw and an elastic band.  smiley

What's a woodwind instrument and how do you make one? | Physics - House of Sound

Greg Foot and Fran Scott explain how woodwind instruments work, and how they make all sorts of different sounds. They even show you how to make your own inst...

Now use the information from the presentation to make your on quiz about sound.

We've enjoyed learning about the digestive system this term.  Click on the links to learn about what happens to food once we eat it.  Try some of the games and activities.



Operation Ouch - Digestion | Biology for Kids

Subscribe to the Operation Ouch official channel! Click here: Watch these amazing body experiments for kids! This wee...

Printable crossword and word search about teeth (with answers included!)