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This year the children have begun to learn Spanish. 


Due to copyright, I can link to the website and area we use to teach the children.  When you access the website, you can click 'Year 3 Study Booklet' which contains all the worksheets needed.  Please download this, and each week I will link to a new lesson.


Learning a new language is difficult and frustrating, so please work through these as quickly or slowly as needed.  I will start right back at the beginning, so hopefully the children will remember some of this from September.



Y3 Study Booklet

Y3 Study Booklet (From Week 8)


Week 1


Week 1 - To learn the key phonics vowel words


Week 2


Week 2 - To learn basic greetings and giving your name


Week 3


Week 3 - To understand and recall orally the numbers 1-10


Week 4


Week 4 - To ask how old someone is and give own age


Week 6


Week 6 - To know the remaining key phonics sounds words


Week 7


Week 7 -  To practise and embed the phonics knowledge


Week 8 (new work booklet above)


Week 8 - To learn some key classroom language