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In our weekly Modern Foreign Language sessions, we have been learning the Spanish language.


As of today, Monday 20th April 2020, the Government have launched a website called the Oak National Academy, you can use this website to access direct teaching on the Spanish language which will be perfectly suited for the level our Year 6 children were working at.


The link to access this website is shown below:


You need to click onto 'Foundation', this will take you to the 'Lesson' pages.


Once you're on the Lesson pages, please click the on the Spanish option (it will be written in Spanish).


This will take you to the start of the lessons and you navigate through the quizzes and the lesson tasks using the options at the bottom of the screen.

Spanish Resources


We have been using a set curriculum for our Spanish teaching and the children have been working through set activities at school.


To access these resources you can click on the link below:


We have been focusing on targeting the Year 3 level of Spanish, as we only began studying this language in September 2019.


You can access the individual lessons here and can access all of the resources via this page: